WordPress Geo Targeting


Accurately geotarget 99.8% of your website visitors. Download the plugin.

Available Shortcodes


Show or hide specific content for selected countries.

[geo_target_content showhide="show" countries="us"]Message content. This will only be visible in the US[/geo_target_content]

showhide (string) (show | hide) (do you want to show or hide the content for the selected countries.)
countries (string) (country codes seperated by comma. ex.: "us,be,au")
message (string) (will be visible when the content is not available for the user's country.)
redirect (string) (URL to redirect users to another page based on their country)


Show a piece of text including the selected user geo type. For example: Hi, how is the weather in %s today?

[geo_target_user_greeting] ... content %s ... [/geo_target_user_greeting]

// %s will be replaced with the selected geo target type.

type (string) (The geo target type you want to use ex.:  "country_name") 


Show a Google map for the user’s current location.